The Mantra, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna helped the human consciousness to sustain spiritually in Kali Yuga. The next version of it, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, Hare Kalki will take the human consciousness INVOLUNTARILY to next level i.e. to Satya Yuga consciousness

Hare Kalki Movement through Satya Van, leads the world FASTER to the true human consciousness levels of Golden Era.

Meaning of Satya Van is “The Garden Of The Truth”.  Garden is of the souls, it is not of the plants and trees. The Gardner is “Narayana” who nurtures, silently guides and teaches. Satya Van is the divine campaign of the Divine Will of Lord Kalki, the tenth Avatar of Narayana to lead the souls faster to Satya Yuga. Dharma and Love together get into the system of all involuntarily, so that they can experience prosperity, happiness and peace in life. This mantra helps you with the energy that protects you from all dark forces in the current state of the world and also gives you immense strength to face them. Then, it will also help you evolve your soul much faster, involuntarily (which is more essential for the spiritualists who are seeking the Truth). You will find discipline, happiness, peace, success and yogic way of living life in harmony with the laws of Nature. You will find meditation happening automatically, anytime and effortlessly out of divine vibration, of the flute that dances your soul, your kundalini and all emotions for the union with the True Self.

The chant “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, Hare Kalki, Hare Hare” will speed up the human evolution much faster and bring forward the time and space of Satya Yuga. It will reduce the time span of Kaliyuga. As said above, this mantra will also help you gain all the benefits said above.

Satya Van is a divine effort to introduce INVOLUNTARY way of evolution to the human consciousness by transmitting the spiritual energy. As part of this process, Satya Van does various works at the divine will and its directions. You can check this website to find all such activities of Satya Van.